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IL folks - Please voice support for SB840 - Cottage Food Bill!!!!

The Human Services Committee in the House is discussing SB840 this Wednesday - May 18 at 9 am.
If they recommend it to pass, it will go for a second floor reading, and possibly the third and the floor vote. Remember, our regular session ends May 31. This bill was only introduced early this month - its got momentum, so let's push it through!
The objectionable (unnecessary and redundant) registrations with both the State Ag and Health departments have been removed in favor of having a copy of the individual's Sanitation Certificate available through the market masters worked with. The bill is VERY specific as to what is and is not allowed. The procedure for adding items not specifically listed is written into the bill (at the individuals expense, of course, lol).
The only REAL problem with it is that while jams, jellies, baked goods, certain fruit butters are allowed under this bill - pickles and other types of canned items are not. All in all, this is one of the best bills we've seen in some time in this state that actually supports home (cottage) industries, our coops, local food and consumer choice. While it could be better (can't they always?) its still a "damned good bill."
While a bit confusing to some, the IDPH is NOT allowed to access an individual's home. They are limited to preventing further sales until the individual comes into full compliance - but they are not allowed to inspect. Even the local health department is not allowed to inspect your home kitchen!! Read VERY carefully - its really a beautiful thing!!
In the meantime, since this bill will be effective immediately upon being made law, we ought to support it in the hopes that it can still put people to work in this state this season!!
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Human Services Committee Members:

Role Representative Party
Chairperson : Greg Harris D
Vice-Chairperson : Constance A. Howard D
Republican Spokesperson : Patricia R. Bellock R
Member: Sandy Cole R
Member: Mary E. Flowers D
Member: Norine Hammond R
Member: Naomi D. Jakobsson D
Member: Deborah Mell D
Member: JoAnn D. Osmond R
Member: Timothy L. Schmitz R
Member: Derrick Smith D
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Of course, please also contact your personal representative to ask them to - vote "yea" on SB840!!

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