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NAIS bill - support its passage
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Omnibus bill - Emergency Action Needed Against NAIS!!!

Every Thursday for the past 6 Months, Government Officials have raided

homes and businesses. Sometimes at Gunpoint, sometimes with a Warrant, and sometimes with nothing more then the burly bodies that intimidate those about to be oppressed.

Recite the Names below:

Stowers, Greg Niewendorp, Hixon, Miller, Griepentrog, Palmer

Now add your name.

Don't shrug aside if you are a businesses that provides goods and services to Livestock owners. If we don't own Livestock – you have nothing we need or want.

Today, Thursday of course, H.R. 1105 is awaiting assignment to Committee in the Senate. It stands poised to allocate $289 million to APHIS for the implementation of the National Animal Identification System. It also outlines the time frame to implement in 2009 the tracking of 33 species.

An example: Poultry – “By July 1, 2009 – achieve 98% traceability in the Commercial Poultry Industry...

That means if Murray McMurray sends you a chick – it had better be traceable from their end and you better trace it when it gets to your homestead. Think the cost of a Broiler is bad now? Think what it will be when every chick that leaves that plant will be accounted for.


The House managed to pass this “Omnibus 2009” in 24 hours and we have no reason to believe that the Senate will not as well.

What are your going to do? We as living human beings do not go to the polls to elect officials to represent Multi-National Corporations or Lobbyists paid by groups attempting to get their piece of the pie.


Contact the following Organizations – as many as you can this evening. The first person to contact is

The message is simple :

We don't want, nor will we comply with the National Animal Identification System. We do not want H.R. 1105 out of Senate Committee.

 We want it stopped and stopped Friday 27, 2009.

 Today is Freedom Friday – make it count!!!

They made it hard to find, but there is an explanatory section as well as flat appropriations. Here are links, which will hopefully work, and below that is the explanatory excerpt that endorses the VS Memo 575.19 and the FR entry of Jan 12th.

As I understand this, it is Congress giving authority for the USDA to write regulations on NAIS without Congress having passed truly authorizing statute allowing them the rightful authority-Not lawful, and not Constitutional- to mandate NAIS.

APHIS is expected to make demonstrable progress with effectively implementing the animal identification system. Accordingly, APHIS is directed to meet the following species traceability objectives that are derived from the agency's final 2008 animal disease traceability business plan:

--Cattle: By March 1,2009, identify of the nation's cattle population to premises of origin within 48 hours of a disease event.
Goats: By October 1,2009, identify 90 percent of goat breeding herds to their birth premises within 48 hours of a disease event.
Poultry: By July 1,2009, achieve 98 percent traceability in the commercial poultry industry through the identification of commercial production units in the required radius within 48 hours of a disease event.
Sheep: By October 1, 2009, identify 90 percent of sheep breeding flock to their birth premises within 48 hours of a disease event.
Swine: By February 1, 2009, achieve 80 percent traceability in the commercial swine industries through the identification of commercial production units in the required radius within 48 hours of a disease event.February 1, 2009: Publish proposed rulemaking to consider establishing the seven-character PIN as the national location identifier standard and establish the "840" Animal Identification Number as the single version for the numbering system.
-- By
February 1, 2009: Incorporate the NAIS-compliant premises identification number format into existing Federal disease program activities.
30 percent

  (C&P - its easier, lol!)

We cannot stop this bill - all we can do is buy time by removing SOME of the funding. This is the most important thing. But be sure to let them know how you feel about the whole program, lol -

(Not sure why some text turned blue..... Sorry!!)





If these links still don't work, I have the pdfs for these three web pages.


Bill particulars:

The bill includes $129,180,000 for Animal Health Monitoring and Surveillance, including $14,500,000, an increase of$4,713,000, for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Given this investment, coupled with the almost $128,000,000 that Congress has already provided for NAIS,

In addition, APHIS is directed to meet the following program administration milestones that are similarly derived from the final 2008 animal disease traceability business plan:

-- By May 1, 2009: Publish proposed rulemaking to consider using a premises identification number, in the NAIS-compliant format, for import/export facilities, the destination of imported livestock and the location of exported animals prior to the assembly.integrating tracking databases maintained by States and private organizations. APHIS is directed to submit a report to the Committees that explains why the agency dropped this important milestone from its final business plan. APHIS is further directed to provide an update on its current progress with fully integrating the Animal Trace Processing System with non-Federal tracking databases.

There is concern that APHIS removed a key outcome milestone from its final animal disease traceability business plan that assessed the agency's progress on

APHIS is directed to submit a report to the Committees within one week after each of the milestone dates outlining the status of each species traceability objective and program administration milestone and the reason the deadline was not met.


We need to get the Senate Appropriations committee to review this bill and removed the funding specifically for NAIS traceability ($9 Million+).


http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d111:HR01105:@@@X AgSec@USDA.gov, then your personal Legislator. A partial list of email contacts is below to get you started. Http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/111_omni2009.htm See: "Division A"

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c111:2:./temp/~c111zkqFeo:: (HR 1105 - Text - make sure the " :: " is in the address bar) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?r111:@OR+(+@1(H.R.+1105)++@1 (H.+R.+1105)++) (Congressional Record entries C & P including the "++)" is included in the address bar) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c111:1:./temp/~c1119xtt9W:: (H Res 184, related legislation - again, be sure " :: " is in there)
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