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NAIS bill - support its passage
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USDA and DHS - No Producers or Consumers Invited, Thanks

Many of you are already aware of the NAIS program, however, this issue addresses both that, and the USDA's decision to hold a planning session for emergency livestock disease control - without benefit of owner/producer involvement of any sort.
This meeting will not only affect livestock owners, but all consumers as well - and will reach to all 50 states and globally.
If anyone has any questions about NAIS, please feel free to contact me...
Both letters contain important information and links about this meeting. Will make more sense if the bottom letter is read first, as my letter is a response posted publicly to it. When passing along, feel free to C&P if you wish.
Thanks, all!
Sue Diederich
If you would like to include my information when contacting the governor, please feel more than free to do so.  It is:
Sue Diederich
Illinois Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
(847) 873-0251
Palatine, IL 60074
Please remember - the IDOA and the USDA have decided that 4 people, all being residents of Illinois, where this meeting will be held, and all four being livestock owners of different species cannot attend this meeting. However, representatives of foreign countries and other states will be there. We - as the people they are planning to affect directly - are not allowed, because then "all producers will want to attend."
We are not allowed to know what is being planned for them to do to us and our property. Yes, that's right - and it is not an understatement if you've been following the raids on coops (the Stowers in Ohio with the SWAT team, Nature's Juice, without warrant, right here in McHenry, IL), as well as depopulation and other abuses since before Mr. & Mrs. Faillace had their experience. Remember also what happened in England during their Foot and Mouth outbreak a few years ago. The response to that sort of situation is what is being discussed (as well as the NAIS program) at this meeting we aren't allowed to attend.
Please urge (kindly!) the new Governor to intervene on our collective behalf, and if he can't get them to give us four seats for Illinois livestock owners to attend, then at least he might get a decent reason as to why we can't when other states and countries can. "Everybody would want to" is NOT a reasonable answer.
Anyone you think would also be concerned about this, please pass along the information. Because 13 other states are involved here, as well as 4 other countries, please do not limit yourself to only IL residents.
Phone calls, faxes and emails are all great - the more the better. Post cards and letters also work.
(This from the link Sharon posted):

"If you are experiencing difficulties with a Illinois state agency, my office can help you navigate through the maze of government policies and procedures. While we cannot direct an agency to make a favorable decision on your behalf, my office can facilitate and expedite a fair and timely resolution. To request assistance or submit general comments please complete this online form. You can also request assistance using this printed form." (Italics mine, SD)

State Capitol

(Info for Lt Gov office was here - SD)
P: 217-782-7884
F: 217-524-6262

Quinn, Pat    217-782-6830

Work Unit:


                                                      CAPITOL BLDG RM 207 SPRINGFIELD IL 62706 - 1150
Sharon's post, in case you missed it:
For those of you who don't know, this is an area I has been working on
The past 7 weeks. Please take an opportunity to contact
Governor Quinn's office - to ask him to allow Livestock owners to
Participate in the "International Homeland Security Training" in June
(Wheaton, Illinois). http://www.standingupforillinois.org/contact/

It was with great interest I read in FarmWeek (Page 9 Monday, February
9, 2008 edition) "Nine livestock emergency meetings planned" column.

I would like to point out that after these Meetings have concluded,
Illinois has been selected to "Host International Homeland Security
Training" by the USDA. See link below:


However, don't bother to call Mr. Jennings (Director IDOA) or Mr.
Kunkle (Illinois State Premises ID Coordinator) - producers, livestock
Owners, independent groups, etc. Are not to be "allowed" to attend
This "Tabletop Exercise". Even though it will address concerns with a
"foreign animal disease outbreak", Premises Registration (NAIS), and
The "depopulation/tracking" of infected animals.

Just ignore the fact that 13 States, 4 Nations and "Official" people can
Go. Don't bother to contact your legislator as we did (Senator
And ask for assistance in knowing what will happen at the meeting.

Senator Luechtefeld did an outstanding job requesting several times on
Our behalf 4 slots for Species Specific individuals to attend and
Understand what plans will be developed from these nine meetings. We
Even offered to "bring our own folding chairs and Box-Lunches if the
USDA/IDOA finds itself pressed for funds in this economically
Challenged era."

It has been 7 weeks and now final notice has been received from Mr.
Jennings: The Illinois Department of Agriculture does not want the
Individuals who will be directly affected by (not to mention paying for
With tax dollars) this "Exercise" to attend.

Just sign up for the 9 meetings and let the "Officials" take care of all
The details. No need to worry about transparency or information being
Relayed to the individuals who will be directly impacted.

If any Farm Bureau member is as disgusted with the "business as usual"
Behind closed doors running of the Illinois Government as we are,
I encourage you to contact our new Governor Pat Quinn to ask
"What is the problem with small Livestock Owners being involved with


Let's see if it really will be a new era.


Mrs. Michael Sabo
Illinois Independent Consumer and Farmers Association (IICFA)
(info removed due to sheer volume of calls - SD)
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I am Sharon Sabo, and along with Sue Diederich we have been fighting NAIS/Premises ID in the State of Illinois.

I encourage each of you to contact your legislators - and if you have a chance - tweak our new Illinois “leader”. Ask that IICFA be allotted 4 slots at the meeting.


Depopulation, FMD, Safety??? I think not!

IDOA/USDA wouldn’t let anyone attend because then “Thousands of Livestock owners might want to”.

Imagine that - Concerned Citizens!


Sharon Sabo
Illinois Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

Posted by Mrs. Michael Sabo on February 14, 2009 at 11:28 AM CST #

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