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Happy Spring!

We have been quite busy working on repairing and fixing the barns, cleaning the pastures and plowing the field. Planting time is right around the corner. 

What a wonderful Easter to be on the farm! Much of the family gathered here for a day off and a sit down country dinner table filled with ham, potatoes, veggies, applesauce, bread, pineapple sorbet and lots of pies. After we cleaned up the kids played some football.

We are still awaiting the arrival of 2 of our crias. Poor Swirl looks like she is tired of being pregnant. She's napping a lot. Everyone keeps asking us when we are going to once again offer tours. After the babies are born and we are past the critical stage we will begin to offer visits by appointment.  

Tomorrow begins the start of our Egg CSA. We are very excited to be bringing you our very best eggs. We are sure you will love them.

We will share the photos as soon as the births occur.

Best to you!






Ahhh yes, Valentine's Day has arrived. We are so blessed to have this wonderful home which provides so many opportunities to us. Our 5 year old grandson and I planted onion seeds yesterday indoors. Even 5 yr old Andrew felt the warmth of working in the soil from inside the house. What a great time and great solution to cabin fever.

In the barn the twin baby goats, TMR Drizella and TMR Anastasia continue to thrive. They stepped out and played in the snow and seemed to get quite a kick out of it. Momma chocolate chip stood by patiently. Her milk is so thick and rich and has provided me with plenty to make soap, lotion, plenty of cheese and hot cocoa. There's ample remaining for her kids.

The other adult animals seem to be fed up with winter. It may be my imagination but I really think they want spring to come.

Willow, our orphaned alpaca is going to be 2 and is due with her first cria in April. We started her on her SGL supplements. We are so excited! Donald, cria of Sabrina is growing into such a little spitfire. He is definitely Armani's boy! 

Our hens have been providing very nice sized eggs for us each day. They all made it through the winter.

Life on the farm. It's not easy but we wouldn't trade it for anything.



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