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Thanks for Thanksgiving

All I can say is thanks for the chance to start a new chapter.  Our harvest is over,  the apples are chillin' in the cooler, our customers have bought all the pie squash to make pumpkin pies for their families and many of the apples have gone to good homes as well.    It really feels like a time of change.  Gary has all the fields covered with winter rye, the high tunnels are without their plastic cover so they can handle any snow that comes, and the barn is nice and warm with a wood stove that really makes it cozy.  People are thinking about how to entertain all the guests that are sure to come this week, and they are looking to us to help. 

I love the pace of the next few weeks..we're just getting ready for holiday gift baskets but no pressure yet to assemble and ship.  We even have some fun items on the agenda this year, like a centerpiece workshop using greens from our yards.  Now that is something we can all enjoy making and using.  

Mike will have some time off from school so we can do some fun projects at home as well.  We are always thankful that we have the best customers anyone could ask for.  I don't know of many jobs where people share their great recipes and stories with you every day.  Someday I'd like to assemble a recipe book with all the tasty, time tested  recipes that have been shared with us. 

Well, I'm off to plan my pies for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's been a while since I had time to spend in the kitchen playing.   Can't wait.



getting ready for Thanksgiving

Farm work is slowing down as the fields are tucked in for the winter. But the store work is heating up.  We are assembling gift baskets in the store, and getting ready to taste the last apples we've picked.  These late apples seem to taste best after we've stored them for a few weeks.  The Braeburns, Granny Smith, Northern Spy and Keepsake apples will be part of a tasting at the farm on Saturday.  Some of the varieties we've waited 3 years to try!  



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