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Manoff Market Gardens
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APPLE HEAVEN and more...

October is turning out to be the best weather of the whole summer.   We've had a nice sunny week and the apples taste great.  We've already sold out of the early varieties of apples but we still have 12 different kinds in the market right now.Fuji, Gala, Cameo, Golden, Keepsake, Jonagold, Jonathan, Cortland, Mutsu, Sun Crisp, Winesap, Stayman.  In November we'll pick the last of the apples and put everything into cold storage to keep it crisp and delicious. 

Our applesauce is finally ready and we're making our own cider.  So in spite of the lack of pumpkins and squash, (due to the weather) we have some excitement at the farm.  


getting ready for Thanksgiving

Farm work is slowing down as the fields are tucked in for the winter. But the store work is heating up.  We are assembling gift baskets in the store, and getting ready to taste the last apples we've picked.  These late apples seem to taste best after we've stored them for a few weeks.  The Braeburns, Granny Smith, Northern Spy and Keepsake apples will be part of a tasting at the farm on Saturday.  Some of the varieties we've waited 3 years to try!  



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