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Lavender Party

Great times with 13 adults and 3 children for our first lavender defoliating party for 2009. After spending the morning breaking down one of our lavender racks, we have enough dried lavender to make great bouquets and sachets for the coming year for gifts, wedding floral arrangements and the rest of our lavender spa products. Close to dusk, dinner was served on the deck with even helpers for cooking on the grill and clean up. What great friends we have, we may need you again in the fall.  Thank you, Deb and Wayne


Lavender Harvest

We are in full bloom how exciting!!. Yes the first lavender harvest party of the season starts Wednesday. Good friends with sharp instruments running thru the field. We will reward them with food and wine after we work them at Lavender Boot camp. Should be fun. Check our website in a few days for new pictures. We make work fun.

Baby Lavender Plants are born

We potted up 425 of our newly propogated baby lavender plants for market in May. It was such a beautiful day to work outside and be part of nature.

When landscaping with lavender, remember it is a drought tolerant plant. Deer do not like it and as the temperature gets warmer the plant smells more fragrant. What's not to like.

Tomorrow is Leesburg's Flower and Garden Show, Can't wait!


Getting ready for spring

Now that Winter is settling in on Virginia, it is time for The Lavender Path family to craft our products for the spring farmers market season. Even Grandpa has a job of inventory while we are at work. We just received a contract with a local spa for our glorious hand soap, lotion and dryer sachets to name a few. How exciting for a big spa to support the local farmer. So as we take our fall harvest and fill sachet bags in front of the fire we thank everyone of our customers for the business this year. We like keeping the fields to feed mother nature's native pollinators throughout blooming season. I have never seen so many happy bumble and honey bees.



Sachet on over

With Mom and Dad here for Christmas time, we had our annual lavender sachet stuffing party. Dad in charge of filling and Mom and I tying and labeling them. Since wedding season is right around the corner we want to be ready for the bridal shower gifts for brides of 2009. Our holidays were enjoyable and relaxing.


Cooking with Lavender

Surprise your guests

Lavender Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Sprinkle apple cider vinegar over pork. Let marinate for 30 minutes or longer. Before cooking meat, season pork with salt and pepper. Bake in oven uncovered or grill until desired meat temperature/doneness. In a small pan, add 4 tablespoons of Lavender Jelly and melt until jelly is liquid. Serve on top of meat. This will work for duck or lamb also.
Variation: Using pork chops, marinate meat with cider vinegar. Cook chops in skillet with olive oil adding ½ cup white wine after both sides of chops are golden. When pork is almost cooked, remove from pan. With meat removed but pan still heated, deglaze pan with ½ cup white wine and add 4 tablespoons of Lavender Jelly. As soon as this is liquefied, add meat and coat both sides. Remove from heat and serve.

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