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Still chugging away.

We here at Nostalgia Farms are still chugging away at getting things done at our farm for the winter.  We are just glad that we finally got plastic stretched again over the big green house after it was damaged so badly in the storms that we had in June.  We had the house already planted with winter spinaches and lettuces, not to mention the chinese cabbages and fennels.  I am just glad that we will still have vegetables to sell at the Davenport Freight House Farmers Market all winter.  It has been a nice crowd at our indoor year-round market. 

Still have lots of feild work to do with mowing and getting areas tilled under for early spring plantings.  Garlic has all been planted and mulched in for next year.  Unfortunately, we did not have any turkeys to sell this holiday season due to our birds being scared by the spring storms and them going into a molt.  At least it was a good year on our ducks, geese and chickens.  Well got to go.

 Mr. Ed


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