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Does anyone really care?

So 4 years ago, I had this idea that children needed to eat healthier lunches, what I have discovered is that the average parent either does not have time, or the world of commercialism is just against them. I wanted to pack and deliver healthy lunches to school children and no one found interest in the market, I mean really Jamie Oliver has not had the best of luck. I even had an article in Richmond Magazine and that did not help. I worked at Whole Foods and thought that was a great inside to healthier eating. I am not saying that people are not eating healthy or shopping healthier. No, not at all, what I am saying is that the "average" parent in the REAL world is not thinking of what their child is eating at school or how they are getting it. They are already pressed for time by work, home and trying to spend time with their children, not what's going in their mouths and stomachs. I believe that many parents are genuinely concerned but, just don't see how to change. I honestly, can tell you that with 5 children myself, they are older now and its hard thinking about what I am putting in their lunch on the average day. I know its important and desire the best for them but, sometimes no thought at all goes into what's packed in their lunch. I believe that change is needed greatly in this area with the rapid rise of numerous childhood deceases. But, the real questions are How? When? Where? and Who? will make the difference. It has to be each one of us, every parent out there who cares. As for my business, I pray that someone might be interested in a fresh packed, healthy lunch delivered  to their child's school, summer camp and even home school group, field trips etc. but, that is all up to you the parent. Stay on the fight and be blessed!  [Read More]
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