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  (Lakewood, Pennsylvania)
Producing vegetables on a micro/organic- farm and beyond
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My lower back remembers how much work farming is

  The birds are nesting the wild ramps are rampant and the sun is shining. So far this spring is gorgeous compared to the last three we've seen on the farm here in Lakewood, PA.  Already we've planted rows of carrots, spinach,lettuce,onions,peas,and radishes outdoors!. The tomato plants are starting to get their second set of leaves and looking healthy.The task of carrying them into the greenhouse in the morning and back into the heated cabin in the evening is getting old, but the tomatoes will reward us for it. Trays of baby plants abound inside the greenhouse.  Many rows have been roto tilled and composted and the earth is good. But farming a half acre by hand with walk behind tillers is wearing on the body. There's a lot of materials to move around and the chores are nearly endless. With all of the daylight hours  it's tempting to keep on working until dark. One day at a time and one chore at a time things get accomplished and before you know it,(about early June) the farm will be looking great and giving back to us and the community. 
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