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an early spring

It's been a long journey home from Florida and we're ready to start the new farming season. Yes I know we get a late start, but that's ok. So the rush begins. The first mission was to rebuild the greenhouse before all else. Next we started trays and trays of seeds.This year spring has seem to come unusually early which should give an advantage as long as the weather holds. Already the fields are about dry enough to till. This is amazing for our soil type and climate. However there is one minor set back.

   We were shocked to find some squatters in our tiny cabin. It looked like it had been ransacked. What a set back. RATS!!!  Chewed and got into everything. This means all objects,furniture,bowls,spoons,tables,chairs,nick-knacks,jars,books,baskets,appliances, etc.... had to be taken outside and thoroughly cleaned and dried. Yikes! It's been 5 days and we're still not back to a livable space. This is a small price to pay to be in paradise for the winter months. Anyway, the weather couldn't have worked any more to our advantage. But instead of prepping garden beds and planting seeds we are completely re mediating our cabin.

       This is an exciting year for the farm. We have more ground ready to plant than ever before. all that earth moving, manure hauling, compost loading, hay spreading,tilling and cover cropping ought to pay off this year. It's time to get working!  Grow seeds grow!!


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