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Fall is officially here..yay for September!

Happy September...it's fall y'all.

Yes I love fall and to me September means pumpkins, cool nights and beautiful landscapes. Oh yes and the end of summer...been a long hot summer here in Iowa. It's Labor Day weekend  and around here that does not mean relaxation-it means labor. Hawk Valley Garden's pumpkin stand opens Sept 10 and we are so busy picking and washing pumpkins and getting our stand all set up. Monday we picked two truckloads of cinderella pumpkins and added to the pile of other pumpkins we have sitting out on pallets ready to be sold. Our daughter Liz has been here most nights washing pumpkins and putting pricing stickers on them. She is such a huge help and we are thankful to have such a great worker and even greater daughter. She is our official indian corn and broom corn bundler and is usually the one lugging pumpkins out to customer's cars. Thanks Liz..love you much.

Other things that are exciting around here...this year we have 19 chickens, 11 ducks and 3 guineas. We just got done fencing them all in. With all these nice pumpkins sitting around we have found that chickens do have a fondness to pick at certain varieties...like our cinderella pumpkins. So sad to say that they have to be penned up during this season. They do benefit from the spoiled fruit as they love pumpkin seeds and the juicy pulp.Customers will also have to put up the with loud chatter of the guineas. They are such weird little creatures and usually are found perching on top of the roof of the chicken coop. And the ducks can usually be found on grampa's pond ...they are not very intelligent but are the most entertaining. Hopefully in another year or two we will have enough to start selling chicken and ducks eggs.

My dad has been busy the last week picking and delivering pumpkins to us. One new pumpkin that he grew is called Polar Bear. It's big white pumpkin that gets to be about 60 pounds and it is fast turning into a favorite for me. He got seeds from Johnny Seeds and it definitely a producer. The middle of his 4 acres patch is covered with big white mounds...they grow on long 15 to 25 foot long vines and have either one or two per vine. I think they will sell out fast this year...like all white pumpkins do...so come early if you want one of these white beauties.

Well I had better get busy...got so much to do in the next week. Look forward to opening day and seeing all our friends, family and customers again.


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