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Hot, crazy summer at Hawk Valley Garden

Hello to all from Northwest Iowa...

Hawk Valley Garden has survived this long, crazy summer of 2012. We planted early in May and had a decent month of rains and weather all the way to mid June. Then drought hit us and we had no rain until the last weekend of July...add that to constant 100 degree days we were forced to water.With 800 feet of hoses we hand watered all 2200 hills of our pumpkin patch 3 times. Even though it exhausted us.. our plants flourished and started putting fruit on early and as of today our pumpkin patch is loaded with nice pumpkins, squash and gourds. Our indian corn was slow growing but now it's also taking off. Thankfully we had put on load after load of horse manure this spring and also fertilized two more times during the long, hot month of July with fish emulsion(nasty, stinky stuff but boy does it work!)

But with all this heat our plants are advancing faster than ever so we decided to open our pumpkin stand a week early and for the first time ever will be open Labor Day Weekend. We have always had customers stopping early and have usually sold to them but this year our pumpkin stand will be up and running. This year we have over 150 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds at our pumpkin stand. Some of the newer kinds are Millionaire pumpkins..these are pretty neat. They are creamy white w/yellow and green stripes and are about the size of a basketball. I think these will sell out quickly. A new heirloom pumpkin variety we have this year is the white boer pumpkin. I love these flat white beauties and can't wait to stack them. We planted over 400 hills of cinderalla pumpkins and they are loaded with pumpkins..come early early for best selection as these are my all time customer favorites.

Other new things happening around here...we have turkeys! We now have 3 Royal Palm turkeys in our feather family and I love them so much. They follow us around the yard and garden and thru the pumpkin patch eating bugs. Royal Palm turkeys are Heritage turkeys that don't get as large as regular turkeys and very calm breed. Also another addition is we added 8 bobwhite quails. They are quirky, little birds and are just as fun as the turkeys. And lastly we also have 15 mini call ducks that hatched out this spring and now they are full grown and hilarious to watch. The little hens are so bitchy and loud ..they even chase the turkeys around. Add that to our other feathered friends which include 17 chickens and 6 ducks we have considered changing our name to Hawk Valley Feather Farm. For Christmas this year my parents got me a new chicken coop. Originally it was a farmer's old seed shed and my dad moved it 30 miles on trailor to get it here. Over the spring we stripped it, painted it and added new roof. Now it's one of my favorite places in our yard.

Thanks to my parents...best gift EVER!!

Well I had better get busy...we open in 33 days and got lots to do.

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