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Harvest Set to Begin

August is here and so is harvest.  We will pick the noble Vignoles and the Traminette on Monday, August 16, 2010.  The Vignoles look to be the best harvest in years.  The vines are so loaded with clusters, they are pulling the trellis down nearly to the ground.  Viva Vignoles!

The varmits have been troublesome this year.  The normal predators seem to be scarce.  We have know something big has been in prowling about, but we won't "go there" else we'll be accused of wearing "tin foil hats".

 The vines are very healthy and doing well.  The heat has not hurt at all.  Rain has shown up at all the right times this year (knock on wood).  Hopefully, the stress of the high heat will convert to extra sugar and flavors in the grapes.

 If you are interested in grapes or juice, please contact Larry at the winery.  We have lots of orders from our commercial customers, but we often keep juice around for the home wine maker or jelly makers.

Happy harvest season!  May the cool weather come in time for picking and processing.

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