Whispering Oaks Vineyard and Winery

  (Seymour, Missouri)
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Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is here and he seems to be staying for a spell.  The snow blanketing the vineyard is beautiful.

We're testing out our newly created mechanical pruner.  The first trial looks great.  This will really help us manage the vineyard better.  We have at most 3 people to do the pruning on 14 acres of grapes.  If the weather is uncooperative, it becomes hard to keep up with pruning.  The tractor mounted pruner will do the hard part of removing the overgrowth so we are freed up to do the fine tuning of the fruiting wood.

 Our wines are now available at Mama Jean's in Springfield, MO and at 2 local restaurants.  Mama Talis' Mexican Restaurant in Fordland, MO and The Tank Room Steakhouse in Seymour MO.

 If it gets too drab in the city, come on out and enjoy winter's beauty in the vineyard.  The view from the St.Vincent portion of the vineyard is breathtaking.

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