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June Happenings

May was wonderful.  Good rains, good weather and good events.  Maifest at OOVVDA was a success.  We also attended Spring Fling at Le Cave in Billings, Mo and Pierce City Arts Fest.  It was great to meet so many people interested in wine and in buying locally produced wines and woodworking.

 The vineyard is doing very well.  No fungus issues, and the vines have put on more grapes than usual.  If all goes well, we should have a great harvest.  This means we will have enough grapes for ourselves, our commercial customers and for the home wine or juice makers.  

The 5th Annual Grape Stomp is set for October 2nd.  We have a BBQ crew set and should have the music folks ready to go as well.  It is always a great event with food, music, hayrides in the vineyard and the stomp. 

I have been thinking about the amount of petroleum products it takes to bring wine to Missouri from California, Washington, New York, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and South America. California vineyards demand a lot of water from an area that has no natural water resources.  Buying local wines just makes good sense if you are someone who is concerned about the environment.  We only use what spraying is needed to keep fungus in check, no pesticides and we do not irrigate.  The most our grapes travel is 2 miles from the furthest point on the farm to the winery.  We will be visiting a local bottle producer too.  No more imported bottles for us.  This keeps local people employed and cuts down on the petroleum used.  One more element is that our customers get to try our products before buying them.  Its a win for us, the planet and the customer.

Okay, off the soap box.  Have fun in the summer heat and we'll have the wine chilling in the fridge for you!

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