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Spring in the Vineyard

April is almost here.  Time to switch to the spring and summer schedule.  We will be closed for Easter Sunday.  Monday, April 5th we go back to 11 am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

The vineyard looks much better after getting its late winter/early spring "hair cut".  The sickle bar mower did a great job of clearing through the worst of the canes.  It really let us get the vines back to the cordons.  The Catawba were absolutely wild looking.  They are the most vigorous of all the varieties we grow and they are the least fun to prune.  

It looks like the vines are slowly waking up.  As long as the nights stay cool, the risk of losing buds to a frost is reduced.  This is probably the most anxious time of the year for us.  Harvest means all is well so it is good stress.  Spring makes you sit and wait and hope you make it through without a sneaky killing frost. Mother Nature can be fickle.  2008 was the worst.  Many Missouri vineyards lost their harvest.  Ours was significantly reduce by that late frost.  

We are looking forward to spring and summer.  Come by and have a picnic on the veranda.  Enjoy a beautiful day in the Ozarks with some good food and a glass of wine.

Happy Easter! 


Spring is on it's way!

February is the shortest month on the calendar, thank goodness!  This month brought snow, rain, wind and cold temperatures.  Today it was over 50 degrees.  Strange weather when El Nino is in full swing.

 We finally made it to the vineyard for some pruning.  Things look very good so far.  We're almost out of the coldest part of the season.  We are expecting rain, which will make the vineyard soggy again.  Pruning is vital to a healthy, productive vineyard.  We'll just have to slog on and get it done.

Valentine's Weekend was great!  Lot's of folks out with their sweeties.  Visiting the winery and vineyard is a great cure for cabin fever.  The promise of the summer can be seen in the vines.  It makes the gray days of winter a little warmer.  

If you have any questions about vineyard management, feel free to visit, give us a call or fire off an email.  The best way to learn about vines and wines is hands on experience.

Stay warm, spring will be here before you know it!



We are on our winter schedule.  We may get to do some pruning now that the temperatures are bearable.  The first week of the year was abnormally cold.  Hopefully, there isn't too much frost kill to remove.

 Nathan now has his wooden bowls on Etsy.  Another venue to sell his artwork.  We also joined the Missouri Tourism website VisitMo.  This should be a great opportunity for us.

We are looking at visiting the small fruit and vegetable producers conference in February.  They partnered with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to emphasize agritourism this year.  Great speakers from the Mountain Grove Fruit Station, MU Extension centers, Lincoln University and MSU.  Tours of local producers and many people in the value added agriculture business.

 Stay warm and give us a visit soon!


Fall Is Here!

Wow!  It is November 1st already! 

Things have slowed down since harvest.  We've done some bottling to catch up with sales.  The reds have been taken off their skins and put into barrels to rack.  The whites should be ready in January. The flavors are great so far, despite the large amout of rain we've had this year and the very cool summer temperatures.    

We are working on an experimental batch of peach wine.  A local orchard had a large number of "ugly peaches" and wondered if we could try to make some wine from the pressed peaches.  My fingers are crossed.  I love peach wine!

 Nathan is getting a lot of turned wood projects done.  Beautiful oak, cherry, honey locust and walnut bowls, vases, and boxes will be added to the works he has on display now.  He also has some wine bottle stoppers made of burl wood that are gorgeous.  The are heirlooms in the making.  Most of his materials come from the farm.  The trees are usually damaged, diseased or felled by one of the many storms we had this summer. 

We are looking into having a tasting on the day after Thanksgiving.  A nice relaxing event that involves no malls, traffic jams, parking lot trolling or long walks to the door.  Free tasteing and lots of great gift ideas, many of them produced by local artisans.

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