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Bring on the heat

I run to help me keep in shape and subscribe to Runner's World magazine. I enjoy reading about the different races coming up, products new to the market, and of course the recipes.  But, one article that I was drawn to happened to be about hot peppers and weight lost ( September 2012 issue pg. 48).  

I have a hard time selling my hot peppers every year to my customers.  So, when I read this article I thought what a great reason to try even the mildest of hot peppers.  What could be a more natural weight lost supplement then something you grow and eat straight from your garden?  

I find it truly amazing how nature takes care of us.  There are so many benefits to the food we grow and eat beyond the nutritional value. Antioxidants, effecting our mood, and now weight lost; I can't imagine what other benefits they can have that we don't even realize yet.

Happy gardening




Labor Day

it's hard to believe that Labor Day is almost upon us.  Even though we had a long season this year, it seems like summer is just getting started for me.  

Since most of my vegetables are heirlooms ( plus I planted late) they are just starting to ripen as the night time temperatures hang in the 60's.  I now have to start thinking of my fall crop ( late again) and what I have to do to get ready for next season.  

As much as I want to have things work on my time schedule, they never do. We can learn something for the seasons about adaptability and compromise. We have no control over the change of season, it will happen whether we ready or not.  So,  we have to accept that and do what we can with the time we have left.

Remembering we have to take some things as they come, ready or not.

Happy Gardening 



The start of something

As stated in my first entry,  I was going to tell how Shamrock Hill got started.

I have always loved horses.  I am not sure that every little girl doesn't love horses some time in their life, but they tend to out grow the passion.  Me..never happened.

 With this passion ( obsession really) came my love of living on a farm, dreaming of owning lots of horses and riding everyday.  I had not realized as a child that they take a great deal of time, commitment and money.

I did grow up to own horses and a farm, but with it came a new passion....vegetable gardening. I came across heirloom tomatoes at a plant sale down in Maryland and was hooked!  When people would ask what store I bought my produce from I would say it was from my garden.....and a new dream ( with business) was born.

I am always amazed at the road taken on the journey of life.  All the twist, turns, hills, valleys and summits it takes you through.  Looking back I would have never dreamed this for myself, but here I am.  And loving every minute of it, waiting to see whats around the next bend.

Follow your passion and enjoy the journey.  It can take you to some pretty awesome places.

Happy gardening 



Unruly Garden part 2

I have finally finished the tomato reorganizing in the barn garden.  I have people ask me what they have done wrong this season to get so few to no as  tomatoes.  The answer is nothing, it's just part of gardening.

As I was going through my garden I found several beautiful tomato vines with nothing on them.  Out of sixteen plants I have six that produced this season in that garden.  Poor showing even for heirlooms which can be poor producers to begin with.  

But, for a season limited for tomatoes it has been great for eggplant and pepper with the rain and super heat we have gotten in PA this season.  And my second round of beans, corn and squash have been awesome.

Isn't that what growing your own food is all about, going with the flow?  Especially in these times of economic issues, we have to be prepared for things to change in an instant.  Doesn't the season help to teach us how to deal with changes in our lives?

Happy gardening



Unruly Garden

As I was out in my garden yesterday the theme of this blog came to me.  I am not an overly attentive gardener; no prefect rows, weed free paths or tomatoes trellised perfectly.  No, no I am far from that with all the other things life calls you to do.  

So, as I was trying up my unruly tomatoes and weeding yesterday, I began to wonder if I was the only gardener/farmer who is out here on a hot August day doing this? And not only do I have to do this to one garden....I have a second larger one!  

At the end of the season when winter gives me a break and time to reflect I tell myself I will organize my time better and my garden will be picture perfect.  Five years later I am still tying up my tomatoes in August wondering where the time has gone. 

Oh well, there is always next season.

Happy gardeneing 


Fresh start


This is my first entry so I will keep it short and hopefully sweet.  Today is another hot day here in the Mid-atlantic region.  But, we have had a few days of heavy rain so I don't have to water the gardens...yet.  One less chore to do.  

One would think having a small 4 acre farmette would not be so much work, let me tell you how wrong that is.  The livestock alone takes about 2 hours to clean, water and maintain.  Let alone the two gardens I have for the farm.  

I will have to return to tell you how this all started, for now on to lunch.  I have a choice of  quiche or lasagna both made with my chicken's eggs, swiss chard and tomato...yummy.

Happy eating


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