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Bring on the heat

I run to help me keep in shape and subscribe to Runner's World magazine. I enjoy reading about the different races coming up, products new to the market, and of course the recipes.  But, one article that I was drawn to happened to be about hot peppers and weight lost ( September 2012 issue pg. 48).  

I have a hard time selling my hot peppers every year to my customers.  So, when I read this article I thought what a great reason to try even the mildest of hot peppers.  What could be a more natural weight lost supplement then something you grow and eat straight from your garden?  

I find it truly amazing how nature takes care of us.  There are so many benefits to the food we grow and eat beyond the nutritional value. Antioxidants, effecting our mood, and now weight lost; I can't imagine what other benefits they can have that we don't even realize yet.

Happy gardening



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