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how to cook fresh local organic whole foods despite life's interruptions
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Green Eggs (no ham)

Cynthia promotes local eggs and gives us the low down on how to recognize a healthy egg. (plus the recipe is quite tasty!).  Watch?  Click here. 



Jeff's Potato Pancakes

(Jane practices for a date)
Everybody Loves Potato Pancakes.  It's true.  This recipe comes from Jeff Basom, chef at Bastyr University and it is quite the favorite among the students for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Watch the video and get printable recipe HERE



Caramleized Bananas with Chocolate Drizzle

Not so local, but definitely fresh, organic and whole.  Very satisfying whole foods dessert.  Watch Jane make them and get printable recipe HERE.




How to Caramelize Onions

Patience grasshopper. Watch these men do nothing while everything happens in the pan.  Watch here:



Pressure Cooked Galic Mashed Taters

(Cynthia snoozes while Jane mashes)

Most of you probably have your own method of making mashed potatoes, but you can save time and intensify flavor by using a pressure cooker to make mashers.  Use small yellow finn or red potatoes and leave the skins on to increase the nutrient value. Watch video and print recipe HERE.




Stocking Your Pantry with Fats and Oils

Which fats and oils do you keep in your pantry?  Watch the Cookus Interruptus tips from Steve plus storage tips.  Plus a little matchmaking...
Handy chart and video here.


Brown Sugar Apple PIe

Steve groans with pleasure as he savors a big bite.  Make this apple pie soon.  Surround it with a whole grain butter crust.  Use local apples.  Simple pleasures.



Whole Grain Butter Crust

Hey.  Don’t get all snobby on us.  There IS a way to make a delectable crust using whole wheat pastry flour.  The whole grain crusts get a bad rap because people often use oil to make them and end up with a heavy, cracker-like texture.  Not so here. (watch video and get recipe).  We give you the tiny tips that make it right.



Pumpkin Pecan Muffins

Want people to admire your muffins? Bake or roast winter squash and combine with molasses, honey, whole wheat pastry flour, cardamom, spices, everything nice.  Take a love bite.



Saffron Buttered Millet with Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Using the beautiful red bell peppers that are in season right now, you can make this glamorous dish using the inexpensive, nutritious whole grain millet, Saffron Buttered Millet from Cookus Interruptus.



Sweet Glazed Walnuts

Learn how to make candied walnuts and handle a phone solicitor politely simultaneously.  These glazed nuts are perfect for:

  • snacks
  • nice appetizer served with cheese and olives
  • put on your steel cut oats
  • garnish salads
  • Christmas or hostess gifts

Get some local honey and pastured butter and make them.

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