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how to cook fresh local organic whole foods despite life's interruptions
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French Lentil Dijon Spread

(Phil moves Jane)

This is tasty, inexpensive, makes a great sandwich spread (lunchbox!) or dip.  Watch video and get printable recipe by clicking here.


Baking Essentials

(Jane is sweet on bees and trees, vanilla and Phil)

Find out why as Jane strolls you through how to set up your pantry for holiday baking. Watch the video!  Click here.



Farro Mushroom Risotto with Sage and Thyme

Make local grains for Thanksgiving!

Farro (aka emmer) is a chewy, satisfying whole grain grown locally in Washington State at Bluebird Grain Farms.  Soak it and cook it slowly to maximize flavor and tenderize the texture.  The fresh herbs and mushrooms add amazing aroma.

Watch how-to video and print recipe by clicking here.



Caramleized Bananas with Chocolate Drizzle

Not so local, but definitely fresh, organic and whole.  Very satisfying whole foods dessert.  Watch Jane make them and get printable recipe HERE.




How to Caramelize Onions

Patience grasshopper. Watch these men do nothing while everything happens in the pan.  Watch here:



Pressure Cooked Galic Mashed Taters

(Cynthia snoozes while Jane mashes)

Most of you probably have your own method of making mashed potatoes, but you can save time and intensify flavor by using a pressure cooker to make mashers.  Use small yellow finn or red potatoes and leave the skins on to increase the nutrient value. Watch video and print recipe HERE.




Pepper Crusted Seared Ahi with Pomegranate Balsamic Syrup

(Men throw fish at Jane)

Hopefully they threw no ahi tuna at her.  This delicate fish should be barely seared (not tossed).  The black pepper crust and the fruity sauce elevate the fish dish to rock star status.  Watch video, print recipe here.


Romaine Chopped Salad with Creamy Basil Dressing

(Phil finds feasible floor plan)
The sharp sweet basil salad dressing poured over crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, blue cheese, yummy chickpeas and the reliable hard boiled egg make this chop salad win over anybody's taste buds.  Vegetarian, gluten-free main dish salad.  Watch video and print recipe; click here.




Homemade Dog Food

Get fresh with your dog!  Homemade dog food will give your dog vitality and longevity.  Find out more, click here.  Six-page downloadable pdf of How To in the recipe box.



Poached Salmon Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Gremolata

  (Not the masters of their domain)

Startling news revealed by Ward as Cynthia prepares this savory, mouth-watering salad from one of her favorite cookbooks. Blanched green beans, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes and wild salmon gently poached in aromatics. You have to try this.  Watch video and get recipe here


Quick Red Onion Pickles

(Ward goes fishing)
Very handy to keep a jar of this bright colored condiment around.  Perks up sandwiches, salads and super easy to make. Watch video and find printable recipe here.

Our third annual haiku contest in progress.  Giving away 3 copies of Feeding the Whole Family.  Enter here.





Big Mo Minestrone with Garden Fresh Vegetables

(Ward answers foreboding doorbell)

Fresh basil, corn, green beans, red potatoes.  Grow.  Chop.  Cook.  It’s just good.  No need for enticing adjectives. Watch here and get printable recipe.
Also this week read about warming up Olive Oyl.  Should you do it? 


Santa Fe Black Bean Salad

(Joaquin thinks Batman is slapstick)
Oops!  Nothing for the lunch box?  Company coming over to watch the game?  Keep your pants on!  This recipe saves the day.

Utilizes fresh corn and red peppers that are currently in season.

Watch by clicking here (and print recipe too).



Lemon Rosemary Flea Spray

Lemon Rosemary Flea Spray for your doggie! Say NO to the insecticides in most commercial products. Go natural. Tell your friends with dogs. Watch how to make it here: 



How to Cut up an Onion

Less tears, more efficient and safe!

Watch here.

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