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Earlystar Peaches

Fresh, Juicy Peaches are now ready! Earlystar Peaches are now ready.  They are 80 - 90% red blushed and beautiful, they do tend to cling to the pit, like all early peaches, but are great for fresh eating.  They aren't recommended for freezing or canning, but since they are weeks earlier than main season peaches....we don't complain.

 Call to order for pick up at the farm or we'll have this Saturday at the Saint Johns Farmer's Market. 

Lodi Apples

Lodi Apples are now ready.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Lodi, they are a Yellow Transparent x Montgomery cross, very similar to the Yellow Transparent.  They are green, turning pale yellow when ripe, and tart.  They make great applesauce, apple butter and a decent early apple pie (they cook down more than the best fall pie apples).  They don't store well so, get them while they are fresh off the tree, so only available for the next week or so.


Call to order for pick up at the orchard or they'll be available this Saturday at the Saint Johns Farmer's Market. 

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