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Brightstar Peaches

Excellent early season flavor, Brightstar peaches are now ready.

 Available at the orchard, call 989-292-5252 with any question or to order in advance. 


Peach Season Is Only a Month Away

The 2011 peach crop is shaping up nicely.  We have 12 varieties of peaches and the season should run from late July until early September.  So start licking your lips for our homegrown Michigan peaches.

Honeycrisp are Back!

We sold all the Honeycrisp that we grew this season.  However we were able to locate another local grower who had some for sale, so we now have more Honeycrisp available.  $7.50 1/2 peck

Fresh Apple Cider is Here!

Our fresh pressed apple cider is now ready.  We'll press fresh cider several times a week, through December 31st.

More Apples

More apples are now ready.  We now have Paula Red, Gala, McIntosh & Cortland.  Empire will be ready this Saturday, 9/11/10.  Jonagold will be ready beginning 9/15.

Many more to come, and we'll have most varieties from our cold storage through December 31st. 


Apple Harvest Has Begun

The apple harvest has begun this weekend with Paula Red apples.  The store at the orchard will officially open for the season next Thursday August 12th, and we'll remain open 7 days a week until December 31st.

Harvest 10 - 14 days Earlier than Normal

Because of the warm weather early this spring and the continued warm weather all summer the apple harvest will begin earlier than normal this year.  It looks like most varieties of apples will be harvested 10 - 14 days earlier than normal.

Therefore Paula Red apples, will begin approximately August 6th this year. The other varieties to follow will similarly be early.  Please check with us to confirm the exact start dates of your favorites.

Of course we will have apples in the cold storage until New Year's Eve, but to get them at their just picked perfection, you'll need to plan a little earlier than usual. 

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