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COOL Weather!

Not a whole lot to say about today other than it is FABULOUS!  The weather is just lovely, it's out of this world spectacularly nice.  

Great cool breeze is now gently swirling and breezing by the house, through the open windows, so that we can listen to the birds talk and watch the cats laze about enjoying the out of this world weather.  

Last night we were blessed to go to sleep with the loud sound of big rain drops gushing on our roof and inundating our yard and garden.  The wind was cold lastnight, we actually made a fire - probably our last of the year, and roasted marshmallows (well just Timothy and I did, we're the only ones who like them). 

The prior night our thermometer read a low of 34 degrees!  Poor tortoise was outside, so lastnight we kept him inside and I think he prefered that.  He was put outside this morning to warm up in the sun and eat some grass. 

So it has rained about 3 of the 5 days here, all in all, pretty incredible spring moisture! 

We went to the Pima County Fair on Tuesday, it was my FIRST fair trip ever.  Yep, you read that right, I have never been to a fair where 4H animals are showed, so this was a really unique trip for me. Somebody asked me, "Where did you grow up to never have seen a fair?" and I had to remark that Golden, CO is really not the moon, in fact we have the National Western Stock Show, but it's not where you grow up, but HOW you grow up, that dictates whether or not you go to the fair.  I was not a 4H'er, and can't say that I am necessarily that interested in it, per se.  I was more of a horse girl, still am, and I did see the jumping competitions on the last evening of the Nat'l Western Stock Show, a few years. 

I personally would rather see the animals being raised a bit more naturally, not feeding the pigs stuffed so that they sell well -- but that's the purpose of the fair, to auction off your animals, mirroring industrial agriculture.  I guess that's what doesn't rub me the right way about 4H is the preparation for industrial agriculture that it exudes.  Though I can hear you critics out there, horse jumping is not natural and the ways that the 'professionals and amateurs' treat their horses is not the ideal way that I would have these noble animals treated, so yes, there is an inconsistency in my views, or at least in my past-held views.  

I will say that I really really enjoyed the animal displays, the old tractors, the heritage hall with trains/kids grocery/quilts/and kid stuff.  The variety of fowl and swine was very very interesting for me to see.  I love the birds, they are so neat!  A turkey tom charged Timothy, nearly knocking over his cage to get him, that was scary for Timothy!   

All in all, a neat day, it was a very long drive for us, and the carnival atmosphere just didn't do it for me, but the animals more than made up for the detractors. 

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