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Industrial Agriculture showcased in the Smithsonian

An article from a recent Smithsonian (thanks Mama for the subscription!) issue -- "Breeding the Perfect Bull" highlights exactly what I abhor about industrial agriculture.  

For those who follow the link, I jumped to page 4 of the article which talks about just a few of the Frankenstein-ish approaches to nature that 'modern' agriculture uses.  It makes me so blooming mad that we take a process that God made, that was perfectly designed, and tweak it in a pseudo-god-like way.  Artificial insemination is a pretty serious and intensive process, ask any woman who has undergone it, which blows my mind that it is considered the norm for many 'agriculturalists' today.  This is something that we do not do, and never will.  I don't care that the USDA/FDA say that hormone-added to the animals doesn't affect the meat that comes from them, I believe that the laws of physics are mirrored in the natural world, that there is a reaction to every action you take, and if you add in excess hormones that alter the natural process of an animal, you're going to get a resultant effect that we may just not see now, but someday we will see it. 

I would rather stick with the old, slow and imprecise methods of natural production that are less taxing on animals and people alike. 

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