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Listening to the sounds

It's official, summer has begun once again, with the bugs out in earnest.  

Going to bed, I listen to the sounds of horses nickering at each other in the dark, cows gobbling up the grass in my yard (they avoid the weeds amazingly well!) crickets serenading, bullfrogs rumbling, coyotes yip yapping, and the very beautiful sound of our kids snoring.  

Yes the flies, gnats, damselflies, bumble bees, caterpillars and aphids are all back for another summer of prime species preservation season. 

But despite the UGH-ness that bugs bring, I am so happy every time I walk around the yard and see plants that I thought had not survived the winter, peeping through the soil and reaching for the sunlight.  It's so awesome to see life come back! 

It's so very fun having the cows in the yard occasionally, they do whack back down some of the grass that has been growing, and make some dent in the weed population, even if it is only because they are stomping on them, rather than eating them.  They get to watch us and we get to watch them closely, see how they interact with each other, with the dogs, with the chickens.  They are immensely interested in the chicken coop.  Perhaps it is the hay in the nesting boxes, but they always knock the coop over as they fiddle with it.  After arriving home from market today, I found that the cows had opened the nesting box door, no small feat, my kids can attest to.  They (the cows) are like big toddlers wandering around looking for things to investigate, rub against and eat.  :)  That's why we have a picket fence around our house yard. 

I'll make this entry short, as I doze off, and also listen with slight cringes as I hear the cows get close to the newly-planted peach tree, "Please don't eat it all!" I whisper in my prayers! 

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