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New Idea

I have always been intrigued by the idea of getting milk for my family from my own cow.  I have also been disgusted by the practices of industrial dairy operations, so I now am trying to develop a notion of pasture dairy-ing whereby I can provide a service (mowing down grass) and a product - grassfed dairy stuffs.  

I am a bit scared by the incredible amount of unknowns in the dairy realm, sick cows, the calving cycle, and the immense amount of regulation that hog-ties small-scale producers.  

Darnit all, I want to just figure out a way to make it clear to everyone just how much regulation goes into what they consume, let alone what they use to medicate, clothe and beautify themselves with.  I'd hope that once people knew how ridiculous it all is, that they'd agree there ought to be an alternative system for those who want to bypass the regs and directly purchase a product from a producer. 

Guess I should get myself a dairy cow and start small scale and see how that goes first off.  :)

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