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Why did the tortoise cross the road?

I forgot to add that yesterday, April 11, Paul spotted a desert tortoise in the danger zone of Highway 77 as we were driving home.  It's a wonder that he hadn't been hit already, as he was cowering in the 'tire track' area of the road.  

Paul has great eyes and always spots wildlife before I do, so it's no wonder that he saw the tort.  It was me who requested that he turn around and allow me to rescue the tort before he got hit -- which he very nearly did by the car behind us.  

He was so cute and perky riding with us in the truck back to the ranch, where he will hopefully have a much less likelihood of encounters with Highway 77.  He is now roaming our pasture, we saw him amble off in the afternoon and it was a cool sight, a smallish tortoise on impossibly spindly but capable legs, trucking off into the sunset. 

Why no picture?  Our camera is broken!  UGH!  (one of the occupational hazards of ranch life, we've replaced it, don't worry!). 

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