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A view of life on our farm
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It's all about the tractor, isn't it?

So one of the coolest things about having a farm is having a tractor!  We've managed to all share in its use.  When it is not being used to stretch fencing, haul manure or wood, plow snow, or pull logs, it spends its time doubling as a jungle-gym for our kids and their friends.  Many a visitor fired it up for a trip around the pasture this past summer...

Here is one of our son striking some sort of pose.

Here is Erica, my wife, pulling a log down the road.  It sure is great living on a road without any traffic!  Look at that form...

Our good friend Mose came for visit.  Not only did we put him to work tilling the garden, but we had him help capture and hold the sheep whilst we trimmed their hooves... Luckily, he came prepared with that fine hat.

The next one is my dad, also known as "Bumpa."  We were stretching fence that day.  He also came prepared with a fine hat, as you can see.

Finally, for now, here are my wife's grandparents.  They were on one of their "red-eye" road trips from VT and happily mounted the tractor for this shot.

My post-modern son

So I was looking through our photo archives to see what I might use here on the blog.

I came across several photos that my 3 year old son took of his feet.  Pretty cool.  You've got to love the "hop-hop" boots. 

Notice his subtle progression in the three shot spread...

And then, when we were putting up our sign-post (we still have to make a sign for the farm, but the post is there!), we asked him to shoot some photos of us working.  He managed to capture this one in the midst of our labors...

Yes, he is wearing two different boots.  And the truly observant of you will notice they are on the wrong feet.  Both of them!

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