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Maple Sugarin'

It's just about time to pull out all of the equipment and head out to the woods!  This week we have lots in store at the farm...

100's of buckets, lids, tubing, and spouts will need to be rinsed off, loaded into our truck, and driven across town to the sugar bush.  I need to sharpen up the drill bit on the hand-drill, or brace as it is called, and grab a hammer as well.

This weekend I have been working on the roof to the sugaring shack.  Chimney piping has been ordered and I hope to have the roofing up and ready before the piping arrives.  Today I will be working on the venting system (like a long cupola) and then the rest of the roof will go up.

Perhaps the toughest task of all this will be to move the evaporator into the sugar shack.  It is only about 12 feet away right now, but this is a very heavy piece of equipment.  We can take some of it apart, but the 50 or so firebricks that are cemented in place inside of the arch will not be removable.  We'll be enlisting anyone nearby to help with this, I'm sure.  Luckily, the ground is still frozen and icy so maybe we'll be able to slid it as we move it.

And, of course, there is a ton of wood to be split into small, quick-burning pieces...

We plan to set out the supplies in the woods this week and hopefully tap the trees next weekend.  It's still a bit cold here, but things could change at any time here in New England and then the sap will be running!


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