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Cedar Posts

A task up ahead is to section the pasture off into at least two, maybe three areas for grazing.  That way, we can rotate the animals from one area to another and keep the grass from getting too low.

With that in mind, I responded to an online advertisement for "Fresh Cut Cedar Posts."  There were 30 of them and I was told that I might need a LARGE truck to carry them all.  No problem, I thought, I have had 60 fence posts in there before, I can easily fit 30 cedar posts in...

How wrong I was!  These things are gargantuan!  Two trips in the truck and some heavy lifting left us with this nice pile of fresh cut logs:

Fence posts!?  I think not.  These are way too nice (and huge) to use for posts.  I will use some of the smaller ones for end and corner posts, but I have some other plans for the large ones.  My sugar shack design has now changed from "traditional" shack to a post and beam pavillion-type deal using these cedar poles!  I think that it will be unique and also let us still enjoy the "outdoors" aspect of sugarin' that we love so much.



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