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Cold Hands

So we started out our farm life several years ago with a rabbit.  Then we had two rabbits.  Then, well, you know how that works. 

We progressed to a small chicken coop with funky little diamond-shaped windows.  We had two chickens.  Then four chickens.  Then...

So, this past summer here at the new farm a customer asked if we could build a chicken coop for her backyard.  Recalling our first coop, we put together some plans and I built the coop.  Another customer stopped by, saw the finished product, and put down a deposit on the next one that I could build.  Pretty soon, I was building two at a time to meet the demand.  Who knew backyard chickens were so hip?

Well, that was in the summer and fall, and now it is -1ยบ F here in CT.  A little cold to work on coops outside, but I will be beginning to fabricate the framing pieces, sides, and nesting boxes in the workshop (right next to the woodstove).  I've set my limit for Easter at 6 coops and 6 rabbit hutches, but depending on the demand and the incoming deposits, I may have to build more.


 No, she does not come with the coop.  But could I interest you in a "nice" and "friendly" rooster?

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