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Sarah, our Toggenburg milk goat, is hopefully an expectant mother.

That being the case, it was time to build her a place of her own.  She was living with the sheep, able to come and go in and out of the pasture on the schedule of the cattle, but we thought that she might be better off in her own space.

I cleared out some nasty, prickly multiflora rose (invasive!), waded through a sea of poison ivy, set some posts, and stretched some fence.  We ended up with two new areas for Sarah, or any other livestock that may need to be isolated at any given time.  The areas offer some sun and grass as well as the shade of the wetland that cuts through our farm. 

Sarah has been busy clearing poison ivy, debarking Russian Olive trees (invasive!), and clearing the brush from an old stone wall that is starting to re-emerge inside her new pen.  What a great worker she is!


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