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Ground Chuck Wood Hog

For some reason, I used to always confuse the two terms "wood chuck" and "ground hog."  So now I've taken to calling them "Wood Hogs" or "Ground Chucks" just for the fun of it.  While clearing out some nasty prickly bushes and reclaiming several hundred square feet of land, we happened across a neighbor's dwelling.  I knew that he was around last summer, and many a time was that I saw him scamper off in that general direction, but now we know where he lives.  My Grandpa used to have a large ground hog hole just down the road from his house.  We used to take apple peels and other yummies to him when I would visit.  I think maybe my Grandpa had made a truce with the little critter as I don't recall ever hearing about his gardens being invaded.  Our little guy is welcome to stay--for now...We'll see if he develops a taste for our garden greens come summer time.

I wonder how he will feel about our new landscaping of his front lawn?  It seems that he is still sleeping away in there.  No tracks were to be seen around the hole...but we'll keep a close watch out for this "Ground Chuck."  Or was that "Wood Hog?"

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well, if he becomes a problem there is always the .22 solution!

Posted by Miriam on February 21, 2009 at 02:52 PM EST #

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