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It's (Another) Snow Day

It's another snow day here in New England.  We have about 8-10 inches with another few on the way.  Luckily, I spent some time working on the tractor yesterday.  It's a 1963 Farmall Cub, by the way.

Last month, I ordered a plow extension plate which makes the small plow on the tractor into a bigger small plow.  It worked great today.  Pushing the snow was no problem at all.

Recently, though, my tractor has been suffering during start up and also while running under load.  I have all the parts for a magneto rebuild and the tractor repair man will be coming by (hopefully) sometime soon to show me how to rebuild it.

Meanwhile, though, I was able to install a new carburetor.  I also have a new manifold and exhaust system to put in as soon as it is a little warmer.  I added a new throttle assembly (sort of like the gas pedal, though you run it with your hand) and also flushed out the transmission (it froze up earlier in the winter!  water got in there) and added the missing gasket that allowed water to seep in. 

It was still running rough after new spark plugs (I've now experimented with every brand on the market) and wires, so I cleaned out the main jet in the carb, adjusted the governor a touch, and it seemed to work pretty strong today.

I think that the spark is still sort of weak, so the magneto rebuild should have the tractor as good as new.  (As good as new for a 1963 tractor, of course.)  The new exhaust will also bring down the relative noise level I suspect.

This is a photo of the small plow without the added extension plate.

Did I mention that it's a snow day?

What is a snow day without some sledding?

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