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Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

Well, I managed to get tons of poison ivy all over my arms and hands from working in the new pasture.  I had to brush hog some areas to run the fencing and it did not dry out enough with all the rain so I ended up covered with it.  It's really itchy.

But, on the other side, now that I have poison ivy some of the chores here at the farm that involve poison ivy are fair game!  I started today clearing out some more of the side of the wetland and put up some field fencing.  The area is covered with poison ivy, but once I have it it's not like it will get worse...I hope. 

(And of course, I really needed a new project to work on as I'm down to only about 7 that I'm in the middle of at the moment.)

I started, with the help of kids in the non-poison ivy area, putting up a side of fencing that will become "Goat World."  Our Toggenburg milk goat, Sarah, is hopefully pregnant and in another day or two she'll have her own quiet fenced in area.  Once more, she'll have all the delicious poison ivy that she can manage to eat.  Then, the sheep can roam free in the main pasture after I move the cattle down the road.  That does involve finishing some more projects, but they're coming along.  After all, it did not rain today!

By the way, along with rocks, we sure do grow some impressive poison ivy!

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global warming is suppoused to make poison ivy grow more.

you know, like Godzilla...

Posted by Miriam on July 05, 2009 at 11:47 PM EDT #

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