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Old-Timey Shots

You'd almost think that this photo was taken 60 years ago. 

Anyhow, Erica snapped this on Monday afternoon in the midst of my fence work on the new pasture. 

Stunning looking machine, eh?  I got to drive it down the road about 1/2 mile to the location of the new field/pasture.  I needed to use it to stretch out the field fence.  And of course it is WAY cool to ride on the road with farm machinery.  I had not really gotten a chance to put it into 3rd gear, or what folks must now call "over-drive," and man did it cook down the road!  13 miles per hour seems really fast on an open chassis mobile!  Wind in my hair, indeed.

Here is a shot from the back of the pasture looking towards the front.  I am pleased to say that I managed to get up 80 rods (yes, rods---look it up) of field fence up in three days, rainstorms included!

Pictures of the completed project, with cattle hopefully, to follow.  Am I lucky to to have such a wonderful photographer as a wife, or what?  Tractor calendar, anyone?


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