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Opening Day!


Not baseball.


I've always been into fishing and spent hours at local ponds and "lakes" catching sunfish, bass, and catfish as a kid.  I never really experienced trout fishing, though, as I grew up close to the ocean.  The brackish salt marsh was always great for catching bait fish and eels (yuck!), but there were not really any fresh-water streams nearby.

Luckily, we have a stream running through our farm...So I experienced my first opening day!

Trusty pole in hand, Liev takes his first step out into the water to take control of the fish in the stream.  (Isn't that the coolest fishing rod?  My brother and I--the expert fishermen that we are--love using our kids' rods when we go camping.  It makes catching sunfish and bluegill feel like we're angling for swordfish.)

It seems that there are more interesting and fun things to do than fish on opening day, however...

Violet poses for her best "A River Runs Through It" moment.

The kids found a great spot out on an old dead tree.  There were some small pools on either side where there may or may not have been fish.

They did have fun "racing" their bobbers down the stream, though!

Violet and Liev make their way back, safely avoiding the grasp of the raging waters...for the time being.  The water has been pretty high for the past few weeks...

We had a good time.  Maybe next time we'll catch something other than the shubbery on the other side of the stream!

P.S.  We found more bones.  Smaller ones this time, with an interesting pile of feathers nearby.  At Violet's behest, we are starting a small "bone museum" in the barn. 

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