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Opening Day for Farmers' Market

It was an exciting weekend as we found ourselves at another Phish concert (woo hoo!) but also in that the Coventry Farmers' Market opened its season on Sunday.  We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the few new member farms.  We are also one of two people selling beef and the only farm selling pork, chicken, and turkey.  This will be a great incentive for expanding our farming and meat production.  (New field fencing project begins in a few short days!)

(Here is a photo of Phish)


The market opened its season with 5000 visitors!  Lots of people eager to buy local and fresh.  We have a pretty unique marketing set-up at our booth as we use wood burnings on rough cut oak boards and a large old-fashioned school-house chalkboard as signage.  We also have our demonstrative "maple tree" that shows how sap is collected.  This has two metal sap buckets hanging off as if it were still a living tree.

Here is a link to the market.  If you are in the Connecticut area, we highly recommend this market.  It is the biggest in the state and also features live music and guest lectures/informational sessions about all things garden and farm:

In other marketing news, we are printing up some tote bags from recycled and organic materials featuring our farm name and logo.  We will be offering these free to customers who purchase 10 items from us at the Coventry Market as well as free to all of our CSA members.  We will also be selling them for a nominal price, so if you are looking to advertise a local farm while saving bags at the grocery store, food co-op, or Salvation Army, then keep an eye out for our new Hurricane Farm Totes.

Also, grab a Coventry Farmers' Market T-Shirt when you visit next Sunday!

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does 10 (ten) ounces of syrup count??

Posted by Mr. "cheep" on June 09, 2009 at 03:01 PM EDT #

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