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A view of life on our farm
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Hurricane Farm on TV

Chefs Kevin Cottle (from Season 6 of Hell's Kitchen) and Van Hurd have our sweet sausage, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, herbs and butternut squash. Watch FOX 61 (in Connecticut--or check it out online!) Wednesday morning at 11:00 and see what they make!


Fresh Veggies and a Stuffed Pizza

Here are a few shots of some veggies fresh from the garden.  The frost is still only threatening, so we're sure to have a few more meals on the table right from the garden.

A little veg.  A little dip.  Yummy.

Once the frost comes, there will still be plenty of colder crops left, like the kale below.  We have three kale patches, though we recently turned out the new piglets into one of them.  They like fresh veggies just as much as we do!

There are still plenty of squash to bring in.  We have some heirloom varieties of winter squash that are weighing in at over 30 pounds!  They are much too large for the basket below...My favorite, though, is butternut.

And of course, let's not forget the homemade stuffed pizza!



Giant Corn

This is the largest ear of corn that I have ever seen!

There is indeed something to be said for heirloom seeds...

And oh the taste!



Yumm. That's right, two "m's"

There is absolutely nothing more soul-affirming than eating the fruits of one's (or in this case, many people's) labor. 

Though the photo is from a warmer time, this meal can always warm up a chilly body on a frosty Winter's afternoon.

 Ingredient   Source


 Father-in-law grows them in Canada
 Eggs                                   Free-Range chickens from our farm
 Breakfast Sausage             from our own pigs
 Salsa                                  everything but the cilantro from our gardens
 Hot Sauce      my wife made over 10 different sauces one year!
 Salt and Pepper to taste  

Cook the sausage.  Drain.  Add the potatoes.  Add salsa.  Move to edges of pan and drop in some eggs.  Season to taste (hot hot hot!) with hot sauces.

You might even try wrapping this all up to make a tasty burrito...Mmmm...

Note:  You really do need to use cast iron and wood heat.  It just tastes better that way.

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