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Thanksgiving Feasts

Thanksgiving is almost here!  We've been hard at work preparing our customers' turkeys and CSA pick-ups.  It's been quite busy here on an otherwise quiet rural backroad with all the folks coming and going.

Maybe you purchased a Hurricane Farm turkey, some veggies, eggs for baking, syrup for sweetening your pies, vinegar for your salad dressing, sausage for your stuffing, or beef for a Thanksgiving lasagna?

Whatever you are eating from our farm, we hope that you find it delicious!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Fresh Veggies and a Stuffed Pizza

Here are a few shots of some veggies fresh from the garden.  The frost is still only threatening, so we're sure to have a few more meals on the table right from the garden.

A little veg.  A little dip.  Yummy.

Once the frost comes, there will still be plenty of colder crops left, like the kale below.  We have three kale patches, though we recently turned out the new piglets into one of them.  They like fresh veggies just as much as we do!

There are still plenty of squash to bring in.  We have some heirloom varieties of winter squash that are weighing in at over 30 pounds!  They are much too large for the basket below...My favorite, though, is butternut.

And of course, let's not forget the homemade stuffed pizza!



Local Foods at a Local Restaurant

A local Connecticut restaurant, Zest, has some wonderful dishes on the way prepared with local ingredients including ribs grass-fed, dry aged beef.  If you are in Northeastern CT, stop by their 1750's farmhouse restaurant and try the taste and flavor of local foods!


A Recipe for (Our) Heritage Pork

One of our customers recently tried some of our Heritage pork and offers this recipe:  "Slap Ya Mama Heritage Pork Chops."

Please follow the link to their Food Blog and, perhaps, try it out yourself!


Time to Reserve that Thanksgiving Turkey

Just a quick reminder to those out there who are planning to get their Thanksgiving turkey from us here at the farm...It is time to put in your order.  We still have some conventional white turkeys this year, and we have a variety of heritage breed turkeys as well.  Our heritage breeds include Narragansett, Black Spanish, Blue Slate, and Bourbon Red.

Our turkeys are raised on grass and are fed all natural vegetarian feed.  The heritage turkeys spend most of their time in the fields or the woods, foraging for bugs, grubs, and seeds.

Please call us or see us at the Coventry Farmers' Market on Sundays to reserve yours today!


Pork Products

In order to sell meat here in Connecticut, one must visit a USDA inspected processing plant/butcher.  There are not any here in the state, believe it or not.  There is one in Rhode Island, that once one pays a membership fee, will process meats.  They do not, however, smoke any meats.  Not too useful for farmers who want bacon, ham, and the like.

So, we found a new place in Athol, MA.  It is 100 miles from our farm to theirs, but they are USDA inspected and will package our meats in individual cuts, labeled, and ready for farmers' markets.  They, also, do not have a smoker, but we found a place just southeast of Hartford that will smoke our meats.  They make a tasty kielbasa, too!  Until we have our own labels that can be approved by the USDA, the smokehouse makes up some for us. 

Not only do they do all this for us, but they offer curing WITHOUT nitrates and nitrites!  Whoo hoo!  Our customers have been pleased about this, for sure.

All in all, a good tasting product this time around!  Next time we'll be trying some of their Bratworst and maybe some other German preparations, which seems to be their specialty. 

Our grass fed beef is dry-curing as we speak, so we'll have that all packaged up in a couple of weeks.  Grass fed, all beef hotdogs, anyone?



Summer Eats

Nothing beats a fresh, home-grown meal. 

Do your best to enjoy all the wonderful foods out there this time of year!

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