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A view of life on our farm
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The Further Emergence of Spring

Spring continues its forward progession. 

New calves have been introduced to the growing "herd" out in the pastures...

A new lamb, named Vera, is introduced to some of the other sheep in the flock...

A little girl holds one of her favorite hens...

A flower pops its head through the freshly tilled and fertilzed soil...

Fiddleheads pop up alongside the brook and stream...

Spring is here and in full force at Hurricane Farm!


A Basketful of Peas (And Late Breaking News!)

Come quickly!  The peas are picked and they taste amazing.

Violet planted, watered, weeded, mulched, and picked these peas all by herself...what an accomplishment!

Also, two of the cattle are in the new pasture.  The trailer performed wonderfully.  We had to make further modifications to the gate as one first jumped out before we could even leave the farm.  But, a new gate later and two of them are there eating away.

We also have all three hogs loaded on the trailer for their trip to Athol, Massachusetts to be processed tomorrow morning.

Lots of photos to follow.



Soup's On

We are always trying to find out the history of our farm.  Who lived here years ago?  Who built the stone walls?  What were they keeping in or out?  Where did that bone we found in the woods come from?

Well, we stumbled upon a couple of answers...

1.  The previous farmers clearly had a passion for their crop, given that their crop was--and still is--quite plentiful.  They must have been stone farmers.  That's where all these stones keep coming from!  I guess that field stone is a "perrenial."  One can't dig more than five inches without laboring with a 40 pound rock.  What started out as a small hole for a post soon becomes a yawning chasm due to rock removal.

Notice how our kids have made some lovely "Stone and Dirt Soup."

2.  The bone that we found in the woods must have come from a dinosaur, think my kids.  And the stone walls must have been put up to keep them out!  It makes sense, since we found the bone on the other side of the stone wall! 


My post-modern son

So I was looking through our photo archives to see what I might use here on the blog.

I came across several photos that my 3 year old son took of his feet.  Pretty cool.  You've got to love the "hop-hop" boots. 

Notice his subtle progression in the three shot spread...

And then, when we were putting up our sign-post (we still have to make a sign for the farm, but the post is there!), we asked him to shoot some photos of us working.  He managed to capture this one in the midst of our labors...

Yes, he is wearing two different boots.  And the truly observant of you will notice they are on the wrong feet.  Both of them!

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