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Work on the Sugar Hut Continues...Frantically!

We've been planning for a couple of weeks to tap the maple trees today (President's Day).  So...for the past couple of days we've been frantically working on getting the sugaring hut finished up.

Erica and I were able to move the evaporator--about 1 foot at a time--all by ourselves.  We removed the pan, the smokestack, and even the doors.  We were able to get the whole thing down to what seemed like only 1 ton.  Nicely done!

But...the sugar hut still needed a roof.

First we needed to add the chimney pipe and make a cupola for the steam to escape.  We're going to extend the pipe 2 feet up from where it stands in this picture so that it gets sufficient clearance over the cupola.

Have I mentioned how I do not really like ladders?  I must have back when we were posting the pictures of the meat chicken coop.  Anyhow, I've been getting better, but I still don't "prefer" the task...

Meanwhile, Liev was stacking milk crates.  Then knocking them over.  Then stacking milk crates...

Here is the cupola just about finished.  We'll still need to shingle the roof, but that will have to happen after this year's sugarin'...the sap is already flowing!

We used double-insulated Class A chimney pipe to connect to the evaporator's smokestack.  When researching smokestack installations, I learned that most sugarhouses seem to go with single wall galvanized roof jacks (which cost WAY too much, by the way).  Also, they tend to incinerate the roof, making yearly replacement a tradition.  Not cool!  So, we opted for more of an "interior wood stove" installation.  Better safe than charred!

Perched like (an uneasy) bird.

Soon to come...we move in the wood and tap the trees.  Stay tuned!




The Amazing Climbing Boy

Recently we decided to rehang our trusty tire swing (I call him "roundy") on a higher branch in the massive spruce tree which adorns our front lawn.

The branch that it was on prior to this adventure had to be lopped off to make room for a swingset, but this new branch was very high in the tree.

Not a good thing when one is not particularly fond of "big" ladders.

Luckily, my trusty 4 year old son loves all big tools, ladders being no exception.  So, with his trusy helmet upon his head, a smiling Liev made his triumphant ascent.

He really seems to enjoy it up there.  Ok, time to come down.  No, really, come on down now...Just like a cat.  Thoughts of a rescue entered my mind.  But in the end it turned out that Liev is much more agile than a cat and he attacked the descent with chipper exuberance.

He even stopped to pose halfway down.  I know who will be re-shingling the roof of the house when he's of working age...


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