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Harvest Party 2011!

We will be celebrating the 2011 Harvest with another Harvest Party!

Live music will run throughout the day on our outdoor stage and there will be fun activities for kids of all ages to partake in.

Special guest artists painting artwork on-site this year!

Bands include

Rusty Implements
King Cake
Brothers Donovan
Desert Rain Trio
Acoustic Surf Tones
Zeno's Eros

We will be having a fund-raiser for the newly-established garden @ SCOTLAND SCHOOL.


Lots of locally grown foods will be available to taste.

Please bring blanket or chair.

Hurricane Farm Harvest Party - 23 October 2010

We are happy to announce that our 2010 Harvest Party is happening next Saturday, October 23.  It begins at 2:00 pm and features farm fresh foods. 

All ages, and kids welcomed!  We will be roasting one of our turkeys on a spit, pressing apples to make cider, and hosting live bands throughout the day.  This event is BYOB.

2:30 King Cake (
3:30 Zeno's Eros (
4:30 Banjo Jeff Perkins
5:00 The Screwdrivers (
6:00 Synaptic Groove
7:00 Brothers Donovan (


Time Off for Jamming

Aside from my work at the farm and being a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, I also enjoy playing music.  This past weekend I was able to jam with some friends who I've known musically for many years.  We got a chance to put together some tunes and I sat in for their show in New Haven.  We were able to practice twice in our barn where I have a small jam area set up inside of my workshop.  At the show we played a variety of covers from the Grateful Dead, the Funky Meters, Bob Marley, and even a Phish tune as well as some of the band's original tunes.  My dad came down for the night to watch the kids so Erica and I had a night of music on our own.  Thanks Dad!  I had a blast and hope to do it again sometime soon. 

In other music news, some students at school who have a "garage band" of sorts have challenged some of us teachers to a "battle of the bands."  This will take place this Wednesday just before the students are dismissed to the buses.  It is a twist on the more classic "students vs. teachers soccer match."  The "teacher band" put togther three tunes and we hope to fair well.  Though I am a self-proclaimed "Music Pacifist" I will be partaking in this "battle" as I climb behind my drum kit.  Wish us the best...



Weekend Phishing

Ok...I generally write about our farming exploits, mishaps, and (mis)adventures.  But I do want to let a few of our reading friends know what we were up to a couple of weekends ago.

We've been Phish fans for several years.  In fact (beware --> TRUE STORY):  When I met Erica, who was living across the hall from me in an apartment building that folks claimed was an abandoned chicken coop, I asked her what she was doing for the weekend and if she wanted to go to a concert.  

"Sure," replied Erica.

"Well," I said.  "We'll be gone for a few days.  Do you like tents?"

"Tents!  I thought we were going to a concert?"

A few days, campsites, and scenic by-ways later, we were in Indiana at Deer Creek to see three days of Phish.  That's how I hooked my wife, I think. 


So we ended up spending the next few years going to Phish shows together, continuing our education at UConn, teaching, and dreaming of having a farm.  Just as we were starting to look at farms to purchase, Phish decided to break up.  It's been four years or so, and we've been to see lots of live music, we still camp all the time, but we were exuberant when we learned of the comeback of our favorite band. 

They scheduled three nights in Hampton, VA.  This is a great smaller sized venue with a 1970's rock concert vibe.  You can sit any where you want (we love right behind the drums--that's right--behind!) and it reminds one of Cameron Crowe's magnum opus Almost Famous.  Yes!  1970's arena rock (with better sound systems and more expensive t-shirts and beer). 

Of course, the tickets sold out in minutes flat, but we managed to score a pair.  I always loved that the tickets are "cooler-looking-than-your-average-ticket."  I still have some old mail order tickets from my earlier shows that have the seat number printed with a dot-matrix printer. 

Above is a shot of the Hampton Coliseum during the day.  Still pretty cool looking.  They call this place "the mothership." 

But, if you look immediately below....

This is what it looks like at night.  Spaceship indeed.

We encountered our fair share of fun people and had a great show!  Sometimes we work so hard here trying to fit everything in that it is almost hard to relax when away from the farm.  I always worry about the animals, the water in the barn dripping, or some other catastrophe...But we are SO lucky to have some great friends who come and look after our place when we get a chance to get away.  (Thanks Jamie and Jeff!)

Here are some other non-farming shots from our camera:

An angel on her way into the show...

A troubadour working the crowd outside before the show...

Ok, so you have to have gone to Phish show or festival to get this final photo below, but...

They have installation art.  It is really pretty cool.  In fact, I'd say that the modern music festival owes much of its appearance to the three day fests that Phish used to host in the late 1990's...Here we see some block creatures (there are live people inside those box-masks) fishing in the Coliseum fountain.  They actually had imaginary fishing rods and were fishing for the red balloons.  Pretty neat.  Plus, it keeps everyone else out of the water!

What a great time!  We are so glad to have our favorite band back and to be able to re-live some memorable moments in our lives.  

Back to farming on the next post...


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