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What's That Smell?

My Dad came down to lend a hand at the multitude of tasks that I had lined up for the weekend and three things were discovered:

1.  Pliers should be added to the "must have" list of farm tools.

2.  Cutting and chopping wood should not be done in 85+ degree weather.

3.  Where there is one skunk, there is bound to be another.

Just as I was about to make my way to bed I heard a soft, and then quite loud and nasty scratching outside.  It was ANOTHER SKUNK, apparantly trying to eat the cat's food dish.  I was wondering why, for the past several days, the cat's water dish was filled with dirt.  Well, the skunk must have been washing its paws in there before eating the cat's food. 

I set up the trap again and left a note for my Dad, letting him know that he might want to use the front door in the morning.  There just might be a skunk surprise at the back door in the morning.


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