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Work Begins On Our Newest Pasture

We've finally started work on our newest pasture.  This particular pasture is about 2/3 of a mile down the road...not far at all.  We've finally "tamed" the pasture that we acquired laste year--meaning all of the invasive trees have been cut back and we're starting to get the grasses to fill in.  This first pasture had not been tended to in years and needed alot of work.

Our newest pasture, however, is in GREAT shape and is ready for the cattle as soon as the cattle are ready to range (and once the fencing is finished).

The landowner of the new field has allowed us use of his 29 HP New Holland tractor complete with brush-hog and post-hole digger attachments.  First we mowed down some of the field to make space to work.  Then we attached the post-hole digger, drilled some holes, and set the corner posts.  The next job was to mark out the location for the rest of the posts on each side.  Some rebar and surveying tape worked nicely.


The attachment worked better than we imagined!  It took only a couple of minutes to line-up and then drill each hole.  We hit very few rocks, maybe 4 all day.  Great soil!

We were able to get down about 4 feet for each hole!  Now I can do this with a shovel, but not THAT fast!  Check out all the "Danger" labels on this thing! 

Corner post one.  Barely had to use that shovel off to the left.  A little "tamping" with the 2 x 4 and it's all set.


Being used to a 1963 Farmall Cub, this "new" tractor was a completely different machine.  I think that I could turn a complete circle atop a postage stamp with this thing!  Amazing control, both forward and back as well as steering.

Drop the three-point hitch, bring up the throttle, and then a touch of down pressure...

Still lots more to do, but we're off to a good start.  It's been a full few weeks, with field clearing, harvesting chickens, and building chicken coops for customers, but we're on our way to some new farm land!





Hurricane Farm Takes a Field Trip: Scotland Farm Day

Here are some photos from Scotland Farm Day from last weekend.

Here is our set up.  To the left we had small pens with a calf, some lambs, and the pigs.  To the right we had a chicken coop and some goslings in another small pen.  I recently rebuilt the maple syrup display (just in front of the left front tent leg).  It is a four foot maple log that has two maple syrup buckets hanging off demonstrating how sap is collected.  Always a good conversation piece!  We were able to use our new pop-up tent for the first time as well.  The State of Connecticut subsidizes these for local farmers who participate in farm markets.  It has the recognizable "Connecticut Grown" logos all over the top of it. 

Just behind us in this photo you can sort of see the piglets starting to till up the ground in their little pen.  They turned over the entire plot in about 2 hours' time.

This next shots show how much tilling the piglets did over the course of the morning.  Nothing but dirt left!  They were looking for roots, grubs, and old walnuts from the walnut trees that dotted the field.

The next series of photos shows Liev admiring some of the larger machinery at Farm Day.

He really, really wants a buzz saw!  (So do I...)

These guys loved having Liev explain how it works to them!

He had a great time explaining to me how the engine/motor turns the pulley that spins the belt that turns the saw blade.  The kids also were able to shell and crack corn by hand with some old machinery.  Below shows a corn cracking machine run by an old hit-and-miss engine.

There was a steady flow of people throughout the day and lots of kids running around and learning about old-timey farming.



It's all about the tractor, isn't it?

So one of the coolest things about having a farm is having a tractor!  We've managed to all share in its use.  When it is not being used to stretch fencing, haul manure or wood, plow snow, or pull logs, it spends its time doubling as a jungle-gym for our kids and their friends.  Many a visitor fired it up for a trip around the pasture this past summer...

Here is one of our son striking some sort of pose.

Here is Erica, my wife, pulling a log down the road.  It sure is great living on a road without any traffic!  Look at that form...

Our good friend Mose came for visit.  Not only did we put him to work tilling the garden, but we had him help capture and hold the sheep whilst we trimmed their hooves... Luckily, he came prepared with that fine hat.

The next one is my dad, also known as "Bumpa."  We were stretching fence that day.  He also came prepared with a fine hat, as you can see.

Finally, for now, here are my wife's grandparents.  They were on one of their "red-eye" road trips from VT and happily mounted the tractor for this shot.

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