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Summer update, making cheese, garden growing, market time coming

Tons of things have gone on in the past three months...

I've learned to make cheese, and we're all enjoying my Short-Cut Mozzarella on homemade pizza. Yes, Mom makes a really good pizza crust. Just as soon as some veggies are ready, I can envision making the traditional Margaurite pizza with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and our fresh mozzarella. The rest of the family thinks pizza has only mushrooms and pepperoni, and it certainly doesn't have fresh tomatoes on it... They're in for a surprise!

After 2 months, we got rain.

There's something about rain falling on plants that nourishes them in a way no fertilizer, well water, or even tender loving care can duplicate. You can almost see the Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage gowing.

Our greenhouse (the small 12 x 20 one) is slowly but surely being converted to Cindy's Aquaponics project. She's got ton's of stuff growing, including strawberries, Utah celery, and hot peppers, things we couldn't dream of growing outside.

 Also in the greenhouse are the herbs... 7 different kinds of mint (grown in large barrels), 5 kinds of basil, 2 kinds of chives, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, curly parsley, and cilantro. Most of it is ready to go for the opening day of the Cedar City Downtown Farmer's Market on Wednesday, July 25 at 4 pm.

 Ok, time to go milk the goats, and see what kind of cheese Mom want's me to make today. I know she's baking potato bread.


Busy week, shearing, more kidding, aquaponics, and soon time to plant

What a week! With great spring weather,  we've been outside working on projects.  You know  the old adage, work on the farm is never done. Bev built some more feeders for the sheep, and we got those installed. Today we built a creep area for the lambs using pallets to separate it from the general feed area. 

The shearer was here yesterday, and confirmed that we still have 5 more first time ewes to lamb. Looks like we could be lambing into late May. He took all the fleece from the white faced ewes, and we kept the rest.  We're learning that wool buyers don't want any fleece from black faced sheep as they could have spare black hairs running anywhere in the pelt.

 We're replacing our ram (black face) with a white face this year. He  was going to be replaced anyway because we're not totally happy with his performance.

The two first-time goats  chose to go  into to labor simultaneously Thursday night. They presented us with a pair of twins each. Annie, our multicolored doe was clueless on her first, but cleaned and cared for her second while I helped the first get a full belly of colostrum. She had her two early in the evening just an hour apart.

Posey  (our black doe) was the slowpoke.We had figured she'd kid first, but surprise... She waited until about 1am to have her first one. She was totally clueless, and  uninterested in what she had done. Same thing  with her second kid.

Good news was  that Cindy and I were there. We knew better than to leave these two alone. Now, our goat shed is about 8 x 10 feet and slopes from 4 feet to 5 feet roof line. We have to crawl through the door, and then stay on our hands and knees  all the time.  Even after spending the night in there  with the goats, we have no plans to  raise the roofs. The lower line helps conserve heat in the winter.

Cindy has also been working on Phase II of her aquaponics system. She purchased a 275 gal IBC and has cut it into a couple of pieces. It as a real  test to get the pieces into the  greenhouse.  (Note:  the next  hoop houses will have much larger doors.) We had to dismantle the original blue barrel system, and this new one sits in the same place. The barrels will sit on  top of the south side garden box once this year's seedlings are out of there.

Give me a day or two and I'll have some new stories and pictures up on our main web site,

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