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Bummer lambs love goat milk

Around here, nothing  goes to waste. Also nothing goes for want. 

Sunday night, we picked up 3 little bummers (aka, dogies) from a neighboring sheep farm. They often have "extra" lambs, either from quads, or with black spots on them.

The first night they stayed in the house in a dog crate, needing to be fed every two hours or so... yes, straight through the night. Our Finnish Spitz had the overnight watch. Every time they yelled, she'd wake us with her whining and barking.

The little girls, (got luck on this) have been moved to their own pen and now walk with us to the milking stanchion. The goat we've been milking for ourselves is now doing double  duty. Each of the little lambs get's their fill from her, as she munches on sweet feed. She also supplements her own little doe lamb.

It's funny, too, because this doe is the one who was totally clueless about what she had done... kidded two little ones, a boy and a girl. We had personally dried them, and put them on the other goat for their colostrum.

It's quite a sight to see one of us walking along from the lamb pen to the goat pen with three little lambs and a Border Collie trotting along behind us. And then to see the little ones hop on the stanchion to get their milk, we've got the "black and white look". Posey is a black goat, and  the lambs are almost snow white.

My only complaint is that it screws up my cheese making plans.

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