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First lambs on the ground

The first ewes have presented us with a single boy and a pair of twins (boy and girl). I had to assist a little with the twins, as they were quite large and the second one was in a hurry. The head and one foot/leg was out, but stuck, so I gently pulled from the back of the head and held steady whenever Mama had contractions. The little boy weighed 9.5# and the girl came in at 10#. The other single hasn't been weighed, but he's a big healthy lamb.

 The twins Mama hasn't dropped her milk even though her bag is full, and the teats have been stripped (we did that), so we've been bottle feeding every couple hours during the day, right up until almost midnight. They seem to do ok through the night.

 Wouldn't you know 2 out of 3 of us active gals have to be off the farm today, tomorrow and Wednesday, leaving each of us by ourselves. It can be a bit stressful.

 Back for another round of milk for the twins...



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