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Got lambs, kids, and a NRCS grant

What a week! 

First our ISP gets a little goofy, then our web host does the same... moves us to a new server, and fails to have us change the IP's at the domain registrar. Add to that, one desktop's wireless card fails, as our wireless modem gets a little flaky. 

All that aside, we've got four of the cutest little kids, birthed by a Pygmy who was bred to a Nubian/Boer. Thankfully, she did it all unassisted and is happily raising all four kids.

Lambing is coming along. We've got 12 on the ground now, with one coming in the house every night.  She's been rejected by her Mom, but is in the pen during the day on nice days. At night, she's sleeping in a crate by someone's (usually mine) bed. If I hear a "maaa" I wake up and give her bottle.

We still have at least two goats to kid.They're in their pen moaning and groaning. They're first timers so I suppose we'll be cradling  their heads through the labor process.

On the rest of the farm front, we have signed the contract with the NRCS for our high tunnel  grant.  They're paying about 75% of our costs for two 20x54 ft hoop houses, drip irrigation system, soil management, cover crop and tuition for one of us to complete the Master Gardner course. This has been a two year process.

Depending up getting all our ducks in a row, we could install the hoop houses before May 10 or after September 15. No  way will we sacrifice part of our already short growing season.

With the hoop houses in place, we'll be able to plant in late February to early March, and take advantage of several long season crops. It also eliminates the need to plant seeds into pots and then transplant. That's gotta be better for our garden.

Cindy's working on a much larger aquaponics system, as our tests were good enough for her to proceed. Eventually, our original hoop house (12x20) will contain strictly aquaponics. Those systems are "closed" with fish in a tank, where the water is pumped to the plants and the gravity fed back to the fish. The fish feed the plants, and the plants feed the fish. Any inputs are made by feeding the fish. She's also planning to have red worm beds and feed the worms to the fish.

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